Friday, May 23, 2014

Some of my favorite art supplies!

I've been so busy making lately and it's been wonderful! I've got my hands in all sorts of materials and I wanted to give you a look at some of my current favorite art supplies.

regular paper towels are a current favorite for collage!
love me some mod podge
 my Paper Source heat gun is magical
 old cheap brushes, I think I got these at Walgreens but I've also seen them at Blick and Joann's (the one with the blue handle is my favorite!)
 my trusty spray bottle is ancient
 glitter tape is a current obsession, got it at Paper Source
 cheap craft acrylics from Michael's, yummy colors
 Nothing better than Golden gesso
 I love me a good glue stick and use one all the time
 my scissors! they are old and probably not the sharpest but I'm attached to them
 ampersand encausticbord, love love love these mini smooth surfaces
 colored pencils! these are my prismacolor ones but i also use cheap crayola ones
 rubbing alcohol to remove paint or ink to reveal layers underneath
 alpha stamps, another new fascination for me
 and my messy scrappy pile of painted papers, I love this messy pile!

I also have to share my new iPhone case. I used Vistaprint to design my case using an image from one of my paintings. It arrived the other day and I LOVE it! I'm so excited about it, sometimes it's the little things!
Ok and while I'm at it I'll share a new collage. Feel the love :)

 Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone. A weekend of remembrance and the start of summer. And happy Paint Party Friday!

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