Monday, May 12, 2014

New note cards, wall hangings, and lots of bugs

It seems that today all of the spring bugs arrived. Yuck. I know they are part of nature but I just get really creeped out by little tiny things that crawl and buzz. Flies, beetles, worms, bees, spiders- they were all out in full force today. I'm sure they wanted to enjoy the warm weather just like us. It reached the mid 70s today and it was perfect!
A new shipment of note cards came in the other day and they look great! You can check them out over in my Etsy shop here and here. These are very different than the other cards that I've had printed, more abstract and no words. Both of the original collages have embroidery on them and it actually translates well onto the printed card. Also, I'm having a SALE  in my shop until May 24th. Use the coupon code CAMP15 to get 15% off of your purchase!!

 I've been working away in my camp studio and have been on a kick with these single panel wall hangings. Some of them are made on pine panels, others on claybord panels. Here are a bunch of pictures of the ones I've made over the last several days.

 I'm so glad that it's finally feeling like spring, and so grateful that I have some time off to enjoy it. I hope you all are feeling the creative energy of the spring as well!


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