Monday, May 19, 2014

Pinwheels, country walks, anxiety, and ice cream

It's been chilly out at camp since Friday. The camp itself it shrouded by big pine trees and not much direct sunlight comes in through the windows so it doesn't warm up too much inside. We've had the space heaters going and we even had a fire the other evening. I've been keeping busy making art and I'm still not tired of it! I made three pinwheel pieces yesterday and today. They are something I go back to every now and then.

We had another great walk today. Even though I've spent so much time out here I still can't get over how beautiful the landscape is. It's been fun taking photos on these walks. I'm going to use them in a book I'm going to make that will document our month out here. I have some ideas for the book structure and layout and I'm getting excited to start experimenting with it!

Despite our days filled with art making and beautiful walks I'm feeling a bit of anxiety lately. It seems to set in sometime in the afternoon and last through bedtime. Ugh. I'm sure it's related to our move and all the changes and uncertainties that come with it, but it doesn't feel good! I wake up so refreshed and excited in the morning. Then, by late afternoon I start to feel yucky and then anxious. I try to take deep breaths, remember to say some positive affirmations, and talk with Tyler but it's just been consistently showing up lately. I will work through it, I know. Anyone have any anxiety relieving tips to share? To be honest, my strategy this evening was to get out of the house, drive into town, and get chocolate peanut butter ice cream. A change of the evening routine and a treat, I think it's helping :)

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