Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Making time to play

I've been so into making these wall hangings and banners lately which is great. They are very fun to make and I think they look cute. However, it is a very exact process. I need to measure and cut all of the papers to certain sizes, make sure they layers fit together nicely, embroider some layers together, stamp or stencil the letters evenly, etc.
After I finished the one pictured above I realized I needed a break. Too much structure and focus! I decided to get out my watercolors and paper and head outside to just make marks, intuitively choose colors, and not care about how it turned out. It was just what I needed.

Earlier in the day Tyler and I had a great adventure walk. We took a path that veered off of the lake trail, a path that I had never gone on before, even though I've been spending my summers out here for over 25 years! It was great! Madison County is so beautiful. It was quiet and green and new. I loved it.

 I'll leave you with this picture, the moon rising above the lake. So beautiful. Have a lovely evening everyone.

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