Friday, July 25, 2014

New cards, a new painting, and a book

I started today by going to a diner to have breakfast with my brother and my 2 1/2 year old niece and I'll be ending the day by going to my 13 year old niece's play. In between I hope to have a bit of time to make art and also start on my thank you notes to all of the lovely and generous people who came to my shower last weekend.

Speaking of thank you notes! I turned several collages into thank you cards and I love how they look and I'm excited to say that they are up in my Etsy shop! You can take a look here. I also put some "yellow leaves" note cards and "love a lot" note cards in the shop.

I also finished the painting that I posted pictures of last week. It doesn't have a title yet. Here it is:

I thought about painting in the roofs of the houses a solid color but I didn't. I still might do that.

I also finally put together the book form that will hold all of the pictures I took during our month out at the cabin. I have lots of ideas for this book so I hope it comes together! I'm eager to see it in it's finished state but it's quite a big project so I need to take my time and enjoy the process. Here's a sneak peek:
Time to get started on my thank you notes!  xo

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