Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Getting Back Into It

It's great to be home now and finally have some more time and space to make art. On our trip I brought a plastic bin of art supplies with me (cause I can't be completely without them!) and would occasionally work in the car as Tyler was driving. It worked but it was a pretty cramped way of trying to make art. Now that I am home I'm having the urge to work big and messy! I bought some canvases the other day and have been having fun playing around with them.

I brought the canvases outside and started layering paint (it was such a luxury painting outside! something I could never do while living in NYC.). My 11 year old niece came over in the afternoon and I gave her one of the canvases and we spent a couple hours out there layering colors, making marks and not worrying about what it looked like. It was fun to paint with her.
The next day I spent some time defining the painting a little bit more. I always find this hard. Putting representational imagery into my work doesn't come naturally or intuitively. However, there are certain symbols that pop up a lot for me and when I use them in a work they are often the very basic outlines of these symbols. So, while looking at my layers of paint I kept thinking about houses and how I wanted to make a row of houses on the painting. I also kept thinking about leaves. So, without thinking too much about it I went with my instinct and included these symbols.

I think I will add a bit more- outline the shapes in black and add a few stamped circles and lines to the grey background. No matter the result, it felt really good to paint big!

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