Sunday, June 1, 2014

I found an old painting

As those of you who have been stopping by here to read my posts know, Tyler and I have been spending the past 4 weeks out at my parent's camp. It's been amazing and more than I could have ever asked for. One whole month dedicated to making art, taking walks, unwinding from our life in NYC. I feel truly blessed.

There is a painting here at camp, hanging above the fireplace, that I painted about nine years ago. I made this painting in 2005, the summer I graduated from college. At the time, I did not consider myself an artist. That year I had occasionally felt the urge to paint and had let myself explore a bit with oil paints and tried to copy some of JMW Turner's paintings.

The painting above the fireplace is my copy of of Turner's "Sun setting over a lake". Here are a couple of photos of my recreation

I'm not sharing this because I think it is a "good" painting. I'm sharing because this painting is evidence to me that the spark of my interest in art and my desire to make art has been around for a long while. I'm so glad that I finally realized that I didn't need anyone's permission to make art. It's all about the process, it doesn't have to look good it just has to feel good to make it. Just remember that when you find yourself worrying how something is going to look in the end. It's not about the end, it's about the making.


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